Farmer's walk exercise

An excellent strength exercise, the Farmer's Walk, which, for all its simplicity, develops almost all major muscle groups, as well as increases strength and general athleticism.

In addition, it helps to strengthen ligaments and joints. The movement is statically dynamic.

Since a large number of muscles are being worked out at the same time, and especially the legs, the hormonal response of the body will be powerful. In addition to the muscles of the legs, the buttocks, the muscles of the core, the press, the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, as well as the forearms and hands, which hold the weight, are involved in the movement.

That is, it turns out that in terms of effects on the body, it is approximately equal to squats and deadlifts.

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Application of the farmer's walk

Not all fitness and bodybuilding lovers have heard of such an exercise, but its benefits are obvious. Among the pros, it is quite popular, because when performed correctly, it is very effective. Moreover, both for those working on muscle and relief, and for security officials, powerlifters and strongers.

For example, bodybuilders can use the farmer's walk to draw the back. For strongers, the farmer's walk is generally one of the main competitive exercises.



You get the following benefits:

- Simple and at the same time multi-joint basic movement, thanks to it it is possible to work out a large number of muscles and general functionality;

- We give an excellent metabolic stress to the body, which is accompanied by the release of testosterone;

- Thanks to the heavy dynamic load, we also train the cardiovascular system

- The indicator of the strength of the muscles of the core increases and the muscular corset of the spinal column is strengthened;

- Can be performed both with a special bar with handles, and with dumbbells, kettlebells or a trap bar. they also use gas cylinders with a welded handle or special rectangular suitcases. It is possible to perform both indoors and outdoors, the main thing is the availability of space;


Farmer's walk - execution technique

So, after choosing a projectile and working weight, which should be quite serious, but at the same time the forearms should confidently hold the weight, we take the starting position.

Approximately as in the deadlift, we remove the weight with our feet from the floor, then we fully straighten up including the back, and actually after straightening we can begin our movement.

The back is even, it should always be with a natural deflection in the lumbar region, the trapezium is constantly on, the gaze is directed forward.

The steps we take are not large, but quite frequent.

The farmer's walk is a fairly heavy and powerful exercise, so it's possible to do 2 to 4 "walks" lasting 30 seconds to begin with. Gradually, you will need to increase the number of sets and increase the weight of the shells.

So Dear athletes, in any case, do not ignore this wonderful exercise. Be sure to include a farmer's walk in your training, do it regularly and enjoy the results.


You can perform a farm walk immediately after the main strength exercises. Amateurs should not constantly try to set a record, choose the working weight wisely.


author - Denis Strongshop

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