Dimel deadlift exercise can be classified as an explosive and plyometric exercise. It is a story of specialised work, in this case on the athlete's speed skills.

This rare, auxiliary exercise, was named after Matt Dimel, a friend of Louis Simmons. This type of pulling helped Dimel break through his squat, which had been stuck at 820lbs (371.9kg) for more than a year, and increase it to 1,010lbs (458.1kg) in 16 months.


Where applicable

What muscles work

How to perform



The application of this pull is powerlifting and strongman. For bodybuilding, it makes little sense to perform it.

Performed with a classical bar, the movement starts at the top point, as you lower the pelvis backwards, and when the bar drops just below the knees, the speed phase begins.


Working muscles

The entire muscle block involved in the deadlift. Back, legs.


Techniques for performing the Dimel pull

The pelvis is pulled back until the posterior thigh surface is stretched. With each repetition, with each repetition you pick up speed, to the point where eventually you just "drop" and "catch" the bar by contracting the gluteus maximus. In this exercise use 30-40% of 1RM of pulling, do a lot of repetitions - 15-20, in 2-3 approaches.

This exercise has a powerful effect on the power of the posterior chain, particularly on the strength of the gluteus maximus, and therefore on the lockout in the pull. Don't forget to withdraw the pelvis until you stretch, and then when you lift, sharply contract the gluteal muscles as much as possible.

Moving as fast as you can, it's a speed work.


That's all you need to know about the Dimel pull.



Dimel Deadlift is a good support exercise for developing speed of movement in the deadlift and barbell squat.

So by performing the Dimela pull relatively regularly, and you will become more explosive when doing the deadlift and improve your performance in it accordingly.


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