7 reasons why water is an indispensable ally of a bodybuilder

Water is the basis of life. It makes up about 70% of our body weight and is involved in all vital processes, including protein synthesis, muscle growth, performance, etc.

For bodybuilders and other strength athletes who train regularly and subject their bodies to significant stress, water is especially important.



Let's take a closer look at why water is an indispensable ally of a bodybuilder

Reason #1: water helps maintain water-salt balance

During physical activity, the body loses a large amount of fluid through sweat. This leads to dehydration, which can negatively impact your health and athletic performance.

Water helps maintain water-salt balance, preventing dehydration and its consequences.

Reason #2: water is involved in protein synthesis

Protein is the building material of muscles. A large amount of water is required for its synthesis. Water helps transport nutrients to the muscles and remove waste products from them.

Reason #3: Water helps burn fat

When there is insufficient water intake, the body begins to accumulate fat to use it as an energy source. Water helps speed up metabolism and fat burning.

Reason #4: Water improves the functioning of the digestive system

Water is necessary for normal digestion. It helps digest food and remove it from the body.

Reason #5: Water Improves Endurance

When dehydrated, performance and endurance decrease. Water helps keep the body optimally hydrated, which helps improve endurance.

Reason #6: Water Helps Prevent Injuries

Water helps lubricate joints and tendons, which reduces the risk of injury.

Reason #7: Water Helps Supplements Work Better

Supplements such as creatine only work partly because they retain water in muscle cells, thereby creating the conditions for increased protein synthesis needed for growth.

For these processes to happen properly, you need a lot of water. Plus, if you train very intensely, you need basic supplements and vitamins.

Many vitamins are water soluble, and it is water that reveals their power.



Water is an indispensable ally for bodybuilders. It helps maintain the health and performance of the body, and also contributes to the achievement of sports results.


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