Eleutherococcus pricklyus is very popular among various adaptogenic preparations, and deservedly so. Probably the most readily available of the adaptogens.

 It is used during iron training and the recovery period

Eleutherococcus is one of the most important bodybuilding supplements, believed to improve performance and wellbeing by enhancing athletic performance in general. It outperforms the no lesser-known leuzea or ginseng in this respect. Compared with these very preparations, eleutherococcus has many positive aspects.

It is also very useful in everyday life, in harsh climatic and stressful conditions..

Composition and benefits 

Eleutherococcus roots contain 7 glycosides, glucose, sucrose and other substances.

Due to its combination of many beneficial substances, eleutherococcus is successful in bodybuilding and other strength sports due to its ability to tone a tired body, improve well-being and increase energy levels. In addition, general metabolism improves and the body adapts more quickly and effectively to demanding conditions, e.g. training.

For example, there are frequent cases when a person's recuperation ability is noticeably accelerated, the negative influence of stressful situations on physical and moral state is reduced, and self-esteem improves.

These are not all the benefits of Eleutherococcus. Those taking this drug reportedly experienced an increase in lung capacity and stamina and an increase in strength parameters.

- Improves endurance and training performance;

- Increases recovery processes; 

- Increases strength performance

Use of eleutherococcus:

Eleutherococcus extract is quite popular in bodybuilding and other strength sports. It is a tincture, the cost of which is very low and the potency is excellent. It is available without a prescription and can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Used as a dietary supplement (dietary supplements) restorative, tonic (stimulating) and anti-stress effects.

Is a means of increasing the body's nonspecific resistance, resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

Appointed in the complex treatment of: asthenia, fatigue, reduced efficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, psycho-emotional stress, functional disorders of the nervous system, vegetative vascular dystonia, arterial hypotension, anorexia, period after debilitating diseases, rehabilitation after radio- and chemotherapy, immunodeficiency, male impotence (reduced erectile function and libido), diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, obesity.


General pharmacological action of Eleutherococcus pricklyus

  • excites the central nervous system;
  • increases motor activity and conditioned reflex activity;
  • increases mental and physical performance;
  • increases resistance to adverse, extreme, stressful factors;
  • reduces sleepiness;
  • increases visual acuity, improves hearing;
  • increases basic metabolism;
  • increases adaptogenic properties of the body;
  • Improves appetite;
  • has a gonadotropic effect (improves the activity of the sexual system, increases potency);
  • Improves cardiovascular function in the elderly, has cardiotonic action, normalizes blood pressure in hypotension;
  • normalizes lipid metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol, preventing the emergence of atherosclerosis;
  • promotes the involvement of fat metabolism;
  • Reduces experimental hyperglycemia (lowers blood sugar levels);
  • has an antitoxic effect (reduces the sleeping effect of barbiturates, ether, toxic effects of ethanol, aminazine, etc.)
  • Increases the body's resistance to disease; promotes immunity and reduces morbidity during epidemics of acute respiratory infections and influenza;
  • Reduces the risk of cancer.


Dosing regimen

Generally, eleutherococcus extract is used in liquid alcohol (in 40% alcohol). Everyone's intake of eleutherococcus for strength training varies, but the average is as follows: the tincture should be taken in the morning, after breakfast and before training, 10-15 drops. You can also take 1 to 3 times a day for a month.

Those who take more than once a day dilute the substance with water (20 drops per tablespoon of water). One time a day is taken without adding water.

The bad thing about this method is that the effect is considerably weaker in the evening if you take it in the morning, which is not the case if you take it three times a day with water.

The difference between the two methods is that without water, the drug starts working at its maximum potency, but with water, it tones it up to a certain level and holds it until the late evening.

There is also a tablet form of eleutherococcus. Take 1 to 2 times a day for a month.

It is not recommended to take it for more than 1 month, after that you should take a break or replace it with weaker remedies, e.g. ginseng, lemongrass. It can also increase the strength and vitality of the organism when used alone, but it can also stimulate the body when used regularly.

Dosage: 10 to 20 ml of Eleutherococcus.

Eleutherococcus is a very affordable and effective preparation for strength training, be sure to use it.


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