Recommendations for taking casein

Protein is the main material for building muscle tissue. When performing physical exercises, the human body uses a certain amount of protein.

To replenish these reserves, you need to get proteins from food.


Casein is the most important type of protein for gaining muscle mass. Casein provides muscle recovery after exercise.

Content in products

The main component of milk is casein. Also, this type of protein is found in yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese. Professional athletes use casein during various periods of training or during preparation for competitions.

Beginning athletes can make milkshakes with the addition of natural cottage cheese. Such mixtures are conveniently prepared with a blender to ensure uniform mixing of the products. Non-acidic berries, fresh bananas or other fruits can be added to the cocktail. This will be an affordable and healthy version of a protein drink that contains all the necessary types of protein, rich in casein and vitamins.


Casein production

In the sports nutrition market, only a few firms are engaged in the production of casein. The products of these companies are world famous, popular among novice athletes and professional athletes. Before buying a protein, carefully read the composition and recommendations for the use of a sports supplement. Famous manufacturers post a detailed description of products in Russian. When buying sports nutrition, it is important to know the main types of casein and how to use it. Additionally, when taking sports supplements, you should always consult with a trainer.

Manufacturers of sports supplements use several types of protein in their products. Micellar casein is obtained from milk, which does not contain a fat molecule. This protein is difficult to mix with liquid and has a slow absorption rate.

Caseinate is made from milk. This protein mixes quickly in shakes. Caseinate contains many useful amino acids. Casein hydrolyzate is very quickly absorbed by the body and can be used with whey protein based products.

Basically, casein has a slow absorption rate. This property of the protein provides a stable supply of amino acids and nutrients to the muscles. Such features of casein allow you to protect muscles and ensure recovery after physical exertion.

Casein supports the protective properties of the body due to its rich amino acid composition. Casein provides an additional supply of amino acids, which is important for long breaks between meals.


Application in the sports industry

Dairy products contain casein in its natural form, but if you have enough money, then choose casein from famous companies that have been on the market for many years. Casein of well-known brands meets all international standards.

Use of Protein Supplements

Proteins are made from natural ingredients. Casein is produced in the form of a powder, on the basis of which cocktails are prepared with the addition of low-fat milk. For uniform mixing of the components, it is best to use a shaker. To make a delicious cocktail, casein must be mixed well with the liquid. The use of a shaker allows you to quickly get a delicious protein drink.

Athletes during training need to provide a diet rich in proteins. The bulk of proteins must be obtained from food. The athlete's menu should include dishes from chicken, beef, veal, eggs, cottage cheese. Milk products are rich in casein. Compared to whey protein, this protein source provides a sustained supply of amino acids to the muscles.

Metabolism increases during training, so protein is required for muscle recovery. Casein-based sports supplements provide the muscles with the right composition of amino acids and vitamins.

Before taking casein, read the information on the package. Additionally, consult with a professional trainer. Casein-based sports supplements are best used after workouts. Casein shakes can be taken in addition to the main diet of athletes.

It is ideal to include protein shakes between main meals. Professional athletes can use protein drinks depending on the intensity of physical activity.

Casein has a slow absorption rate. Therefore, protein shakes are recommended to be taken in the evening, as well as after a workout.


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