Protein drinks for athletes

In bodybuilding and other strength training, athletes need a lot of protein. The average person consumes 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

A bodybuilder needs 2 or 3 grams of protein per kilogram of his weight. This depends on the athlete's physique as well as the intensity of his training.

Athlete nutrition

Foods that are rich in natural protein should be added to the menu. Sports nutrition can be used in combination with basic meals. It is recommended to take protein drinks in the morning and evening.

On training days, protein shakes should be used before and after training at the gym. A serving of protein drink contains the required amount of amino acids. If an athlete is unable to eat regularly, protein-based shakes can be prepared in addition. All meals on the menu should be divided into several meals.

Ways of taking protein

An athlete needs different types of protein throughout the day. The classic version of a protein drink consists of whey protein and water. This drink should be used in the morning and evening. On the training day whey protein should be taken before you start exercising. The post-exercise sports drink helps your muscles recover better.

Using protein drinks

The body also uses up nutrients at night, so it is recommended that the athlete takes a whey protein portion in the morning. This is to replenish amino acids and reduce cortisol.

The athlete also needs whey protein before training. The nutrients in whey protein are quickly absorbed by the body.

After exercising, it is recommended to make a mixture of casein and whey protein. This amino acid composition helps your muscles regenerate quickly.

A casein shake is an ideal pre-bedtime drink. This type of protein is slowly absorbed, so that the body is nourished even at night.


Sports supplements

Other types of sports nutrition can also be taken together with protein. BCAA amino acids are needed to increase energy. Creatine increases endurance during training. Glutamine supports recovery after exercise.

All kinds of sports supplements must be used correctly. Check with your personal trainer before making a nutritional program.


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